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Getting bigger by the day!

As of last night, seven of the 10 have doubled their birth weight, and the other three are a few percentage points from that milestone. This is excellent progress! If you are wondering, all of them are very close to or over 2 lbs.

In most litters, there is almost always a couple that trails behind in weight or needs extra help staying on track, this group has done exceptionally well thus far.

The puppies are starting to crawl with more purpose, their voices are getting stronger and in a few days, their eyes and ears will start to open.

As you can see they are starting to get more pigment in their nose, the ears are starting to grow and their faces are just barely starting to take shape.

This little one just finished eating as decided it was very safe and warm to lay on mom's belly as it is quite warm and comfortable! And of course, Harriet is as happy and pretty as ever!

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