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Examination Day is Approaching!

You will understand in several months - anyway, this is one of my favorites! I need an excuse to post it a couple of times a year...

All of the puppies are well, and getting big!

The litter examination and vaccination day are Monday, October 19.

Once I get the results, I will update the website and then contact everyone to come for picks and to make a visitation schedule until the pick-up date.

As always due to COVID only one person per family, please. I feel really bad about this but I hope you understand.

Please continue to feel free to contact me with any questions, or to arrange a pre-pick visitation, we can work out something on the weekends after 10 am on Saturday and Sunday and on most Mondays in the afternoons until the pick-up date.

Oh for any computer-oriented people out there, this is my favorite tech-support Golden Retriever meme:

They will be eight weeks old very soon (November 4) - if anyone has questions about the food we are feeding the puppies, the shampoos, etc. please let me know. Also, once we establish your pick-up date, please make sure you schedule your puppy visit with your veterinarian in advance!

Happy Saturday everyone!

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