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Harriet's Diet

This is currently Harriet's favorite meal:

2 Cups Royal Canin Puppy dry food

.5 Cup shredded mozzarella cheese

1.5 Cup Freshpet Vital Balanced Nutrition

2 tbs. Yoplait vanilla yogurt

LOTS of fresh water!

She will eat this amount 3+ times per day (not necessarily the same ingredients each meal) until she stops nursing the puppies.

Feeding all of those babies is burning a tremendous amount of energy (three to four times her normal). She will lose a small amount of weight before she is done, usually it is a minimal loss as she is watched closely for any abnormal health indications.

This is the only time Harriet is ever allowed unlimited eating, and the bigger the puppies get, she will possibly want more. When it is time to stop at week six, she does not seem to mind one bit.

A 5-10% gain per day in the first ten days is always considered a success. The puppies, on average, have gained over 50% of their birth weight at this time, so we are at the upper end of our expectation.

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