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Harriet 24 hours post-delivery

Here is a short video of Harriet and her puppies approximately 24 hours after delivery. She keeps her whelping box and the puppies very clean. The bedding is changed every 6 - 8 hours (or more if needed).

The whelping box is made of a very hard plastic, and it is very easy to clean and is reusable. Later on when the puppies get older, the box is expandable with an additional module that is generally used as an elimination area. I will show this when it happens.

The base layer is a veterinary grade lining pad that is thick, dense and approximately 1.5" thick. Towels are then layered above the base pad and then a soft blanket for them to sleep on. The box is very comfortable, and since the floor is heated to 82 degrees, there is never a concern of hypothermia.

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