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'Twas the night before...we hope!

Well, I cannot think of anything too witty right you will be subjected to my lame haiku for entertainment.

Pleasant eventide A faithful, tired dog pants whilst watching the stars

Don't be too harsh, I am really tired...I think I nailed it tonight though.

We are at the finish line, the due date is tomorrow, day 63!

Harriet has been very restless the last couple of nights and she has kept me awake until about 4:30 am both Sunday and Monday. Tonight looks suspicious as if I am in for the same. She just wants her belly rubbed and scratched, and I try my best...I have to mix in some ear scratching as well!

She grunts and groans a lot, her eyes are slightly watery, and her belly is tight as a drum. I probably would not sleep much either.

She has found a safe place on a bed and she stays there most of the time. Dudley (in the front) seems to want to stay near her, which is not too common, so he may know something important is about to happen with her.

She would not eat dinner tonight, which is an early sign.

Her temperature was 98.5 this morning , but it is 99.2 this evening, so we should have a better idea tomorrow morning.

Once her temperature drops to 98 degrees or lower its about 12-24 hours and she should be delivering her puppies.

Her panting has been increasing, but no contractions that I have been able to detect so far. I can feel the puppies moving some at different time, so I am super excited!

I will post when we are ready to deliver.

Lets all hope for the best for Harriet and her babies!

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