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Pupdate 3.0

We are down to the last 7 days.

It seems like it took forever to get here, and then it seems too soon as well! I can feel the little babies in her belly, they do not get really active until the last few days before whelping, and by then Harriet will really be ready to get them out!

Harriet is doing very well. She is eating like a small horse, she is constantly on the prowl for a snack. But I will tell you that her eating has only begun, she will be allowed to eat as much as she wants for the four weeks after whelping.

Harriet is eating 100% puppy food at this time, with an Omega-3 Pet Softgel as a supplement. She will be eating that plus Fresh-Pet meals which are pre-made vegetable and meat blended food that is sold in the refrigerated section of the pet store.

This next item important because I get asked about this a lot. Harriet will also have something else she enjoys, which is yogurt. Yogurt with active bacteria is very good for the overall health of dogs. The best option is to go for plain yogurt, but we treat her to both plain and occasionally Yoplait, with Real Vanilla to be exact.

The correct amount is not more than two teaspoons of plain, low fat and unsweetened yogurt for dogs. To make it fun for your dog just serve it as a topping on their food!

Dogs must eat yogurts which do not contain any artificial sweeteners and additives. The reason is that the artificial sweeteners in flavored yogurts contain xylitol which is toxic to dogs. There can be serious health issues in dogs if they eat any yogurt containing xylitol.

Also, if you give your dog yogurt as an occasional treat, make sure it is low in fat otherwise dog will become obese leading to a possible pancreatitis condition.

You might also want to note that plain, unsweetened yogurt can help a dog with an upset stomach and it also helps with diarrhea, remember one or two teaspoons.

I made a miscellaneous list of useful recommendations that are sent home with each puppy. It is on the first page of the website if you would like to take a look.

I will make another Pupdate this weekend as we approach the big day.

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