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Pupdate 2.5

I get a lot of questions about Harriet's day to day activities while she is pregnant. So here is a brief synopsis!

0530 - 0630: Up to go potty, and then its time for breakfast. Harriet's diet has been changed to puppy food for the remainder of her pregnancy which has higher proteins, higher fat and higher calcium. The puppy food is also smaller in size which allows her to eat without feeling sick. Usually Harriet will want her belly rubbed for a while each morning, so I'm always glad to do it.

After that time she is usually sleeping for most of the day, and / or sitting in her favorite location looking at the front door. Sometimes this happens:

During the day someone will let everyone outside to run a little and to go potty again as needed.

Afternoon, early evening - everyone is outside where they can run and play as long as they want, usually 30-60 minutes depending on the weather.

Saturday and Sunday is pool time around 3-5 pm and that usually lasts up to 2 hours. Harriet is very good at getting her toy in the pool, she comes to me when asked. She also loves to swim out to me in the middle of the pool so I can hold her. Sometimes this makes the other girls jealous so I might have 2 or 3 circling me like sharks! Ear cleaning and drying is very important after swimming to help prevent ear infections, this takes a while with seven Goldens!

1800: Dinner time, always, no questions asked!

After dinner she gets brushed and massaged, and later she will receive a nice belly rub before its time to go to sleep.

As far as getting up in the middle of the night for going potty. Harriet usually does not need to wake up at night, but during this time, anytime she comes to the edge of the bed or acts differently at night is a signal to go out.

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