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Pupdate #2

Harriet is doing very well!

Harriet was not completely thrilled at my taking a picture of her belly this evening, but she is always a good sport.

We are at day 45. There are approximately 18 days until the big day.

At this time the bones of the unborn pups become visible on X-ray (radiographs). We will not get a radiograph unless we feel there may be a problem in delivery. Having a count is extremely helpful when we are wondering if she is truly done giving birth or not.

Additionally, the veterinarian may take an X-ray or two and do measurements to make sure the pup will fit through the pelvic canal. A single large puppy is often the reason for a C-section, and we had that issue last year. One huge puppy had actually forced the last puppy in line into the very end of the uterine horn, (up by the kidney) and Harriet was exhausted and could not deliver him so we had a C-Section.

Also we may now be able to feel puppies and their movement with our hands on Harriet's abdomen. Her abdomen will tend to “drop,” and may look quite pendulous but only at the very end. Harriet is very fit and healthy and she tends to retain her profile better.

I will have another "Pupdate" next week!

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