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Approval List - 8/22/2020

We have contacted everyone that is currently approved and has consented to purchase a puppy. When we get the deposit and contract back you are locked in.

If you did not hear from us, that does not mean you are not approved for ownership, but our list was over 178 families long (not to mention we had over 150 more phone calls and general inquiries) and to be fair, we have to go in order of receipt and acceptance.

If anyone is interested in our June 2021 litter, please just let me know ASAP, that list is starting to fill up!

One important note - We have 10 families approved at this time, we have estimated the litter to be 8-10 puppies. Once we confirm the number of puppies, we will send deposits back to those families that are higher on the list, or we can retain the deposit for a future litter.

Thank you for your patience. I wish we had enough puppies for everyone that contacts us, and I appreciate the heartfelt letters about your families and also we extend our sympathies to all that have recently lost their Golden.

We are always so sad when the time arrives that we lose one of ours, and it makes us so happy to be able to help make your life a little better with one of our babies.

I recently received this picture from one of our Owners - This is Bailey, she is a beautiful girl, and she has such a loving wonderful home.

People ask us why we breed Golden Retrievers, Bailey is one of the reasons we do it. Its very satisfying to make people happy.

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