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Pupdate #1 - August 10, 2020

Yes, it is called the "Pupdate" sorry for the poor attempt at humor....

Harriet is pregnant! She had her visit at Veterinary Medical Center with her favorite Dr. Callahan. She is always so calm and happy waiting for her appointments.

We pretty much knew it already, but its always very nice to have it confirmed.

Harriet's ultrasound went very well, as she loves the extra attention she gets while she is being examined.

Dr. Callahan believes that there are at least eight (8) puppies and possibly more. Its very crowded in there!

Unless there is an issue later on that would require a radiograph we will not know the exact number of puppies. In the past when we had a concern with a pregnancy we might order a radiograph to check up on things, at that time we can count skulls and / or spines to get the correct number.

We are careful of her diet and the tendency is to feed her more since she is pregnant, but her diet will mostly remain the same (with occasional extra portions) with the intention of keeping Harriet and the puppies healthy without having the puppies become too large. Large puppies often make matters complicated and result in a difficult delivery process with the possibility of a C-section.

The one below shows Harriet's Kidney on the right and a puppy to the left!

Our projected due date is September 8 - 9, 2020.

We are getting ready to go now, this time will go by very quickly, so I will begin preparing for their arrival!

I will be going through the list of potential families this week. We have had numerous application cancellations due to changes in plans, etc. so the list is already changing. I should be in touch with families starting Saturday and Sunday August 15 & 16, 2020.

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