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This is my best buddy Dudley.

Dudley has a surgery to be neutered today at 11 am.

He was a very good boy when his mom took him to the vet today in Easton, and he sat with his head between the seats and was very quiet, and he did not get carsick at all (sometimes they all have that problem).

I have been nervous about this for a week. I will be relieved when he is back home with me.

Here he is waiting for his turn to go into the building. He looks nervous.

That's kind of how I feel. Will post update later!

Dudley is safe and sound and on his way home. I am so relieved he is done. He looks a bit tired and uneasy, but I hope when he arrives home he will be happy to see everyone.

He will get extra attention from the other dogs here since he will smell like the Vet, and he will get extra petting (and maybe snacks later) for being such a good boy!

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