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Update on Harriet

It is day 21 since Harriet ovulated and 17 days since insemination.

This is a critical time for embryo implantation into the endometrium. We are making sure that Harriet does not run or roughhouse for the next couple of days

I am anxiously awaiting August 5 which is the day of Harriet's ultrasound

examination. Harriet loves to visit Dr. Callahan and she has some very nice technicians as well, so its a fun time for her!

We should be able to see the little gestational sacs and count as many puppies as we can see. Heartbeats should be nice and clear at that time as well. Sometimes the ultrasound is accurate and sometimes the puppies are showing off their hiding skills!

I will be in contact with approved families around August 8-9 depending on the results of the August 5 examination. I will post the waiting list and the position for each family, which I will update as I make contact. Sometimes the list will change drastically, so please don't be immediately discouraged by your position.

Harriet is doing just fine, and she is as sweet and gentle as ever. When Harriet is playing in the pool she likes to just swim up next to me and let me hold her, or she will just get in the shallow end and then just rest her head on my shoulder so I can talk to her. Harriet could not be a better friend, what a wonderful girl!

Harriet's projected due date is currently September 9 ----- 42 days to go, I hope we are ready!

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