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We are preparing for our next litter!

Harriet is going to the Veterinary Medical Center in Easton, Maryland in the morning tomorrow for her transcervical insemination procedure. We are all very excited and hopeful for success. Harriet will be very happy to see Dr. Callahan!

Here is Harriet this evening:

Harriet has turned out to be an outstanding mother and her puppies have been so sweet and gentle. We are very proud of her and we love her very much! Harriet is my little sweetie, I knew she was special not long after I delivered her. Harriet is very intelligent, and very perceptive, she seems to know when someone has had a difficult day and she will try to make you feel happier!

We have recently taken a few pictures of everyone having fun in the field this summer.

This is Daisy:

Daisy just happens to be the close relative of a famous line of bat dogs for the New York Yankees minor league team Trenton Thunder - Chase (right) and Derby!

Daisy is 12 years old, which is approximately 89 in human years, but she has not slowed down too much! In keeping with her family attributes, Daisy is extremely intelligent and she is by far the best fetch player of the entire pack. She is also very good at opening and closing doors with her paws and nose when the opportunity presents itself!

Here is Madeline:

Madeline is a very sensitive girl. She is nervous around a lot of things, but she is very affectionate and she loves it when I hold her on my lap like a baby and talk softly to her. She loves to wade in the pool, but she does not like to jump in and swim around. She came to us from a breeder in Arizona, but unfortunately after thorough examinations and testing, she did not meet our standards for breeding, but we just had to keep her with us!

Meet Mr. Ziggy:

Ziggy is our good big boy. Ziggy is so calm and friendly, we wanted to have him to breed, but he had cryptorchidism which means his testicles never appeared, so we made the decision not to breed him. You would not know it from this picture, but he is a very big boy (90-100 lbs. depending on the time of year). He is very gentle, and he usually is the last one at the door to come back in because he lets all of the girls get in safely first. Not a big fan of the swimming pool...