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Your Golden during the COVID-19 pandemic

We hope everyone is doing well during this difficult time.

If you are a family that purchased a puppy from us in the past, please don't forget to send us pictures of your Golden during the quarantine, as I am considering making a quarantine related calendar that we may sell and donate the proceeds to Golden Retriever Rescue. Make sure you send your photo along with your Goldens name to make sure it is a high-resolution photo!

Since we have seven adult Golden Retrievers here with us at home, we have been concerned about the health of our babies as I am sure you may have as well. So far everyone has been well. We do continue to find drool puddles on occasion though!

I have links to the CDC and the AKC regarding coronavirus regarding exposure and transmission. This is what is posted on their respective websites as of 4/19/2020.

I have a favorite posting from Reddit that I love regarding Golden Retrievers and their inherent sweetness, I hope you find it funny:

Try to have fun, but be safe. We are all in this together and we all need to do our part. I hope your Golden is providing much-needed companionship, love, and humor to your lives.

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