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Puppy Update

The puppies are all doing very well.

All have doubled their birth weight, their eyes are open and they are starting to try to walk. Some are even trying to play with Harriet which is super cute!

We have been continuing our daily Bio Sensory stimulation exercises which consist of:

Tactile stimulation - holding the pup in one hand, the handler gently stimulates (tickles) the pup between the toes on any one foot using a Q-tip. It is not necessary to see that the pup is feeling the tickle. Time of stimulation 3 - 5 seconds.

Head held erect - using both hands, the pup is held perpendicular to the ground, (straight up), so that its head is directly above its tail. This is an upwards position. Time of stimulation 3 - 5 seconds.

Head pointed down - holding the pup firmly with both hands the head is reversed and is pointed downward so that it is pointing towards the ground. Time of stimulation 3 - 5 seconds.

Supine position - hold the pup so that its back is resting in the palm of both hands with its muzzle facing the ceiling. The pup while on its back is allowed to sleep. Time of stimulation 3-5 seconds.

Thermal stimulation—use a damp towel that has been cooled in a refrigerator for at least five minutes. Place the pup on the towel, feet down. Do not restrain it from moving. Time of stimulation 3-5 seconds.

Five benefits have been observed in canines that were exposed to the Bio Sensor stimulation exercises. The benefits noted were:

  1. Improved cardio vascular performance (heart rate)

  2. Stronger heart beats

  3. Stronger adrenal glands

  4. More tolerance to stress

  5. Greater resistance to disease

Every pup will have this stimulation for up to eight weeks.

It is important to note that over-stimulation or under-stimulation can be detrimental to the puppy's development and these exercises are performed only once per day and for the amount of time shown.

The puppies also are exposed to classical music for some of the day, every day as well. Classical music has shown to decrease stress in puppies.

We have been in contact with families that have paid deposits, and also families on our wait list, and we will be setting up appointments for initial puppy visits very soon. Until then, enjoy some pictures!

Mr. White, the smallest boy, we call him peanut!

Mr. Red

Miss Orange

Mr. Green

Puppies at 10 days old

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