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Another Pupdate!

Some pictures of the puppies as they continue to grow, its very exciting!

Snack Time!

The puppies are now eating puppy food full time, and they are well behaved, very little pushing and shoving to get to the bowl!

Penelope and babies

I said full time eating of puppy food, but that will not stop the puppies from going back to mommy when the chance is given. Penelope loves to clean and groom all of them so we will allow it for now...

Orange Female

This is the Orange female, she is very sweet and friendly, she loves to play and explore, she is going to make a family very happy!

Pink Female

My hands down favorite puppy. She is beautiful, very affectionate and super smart. She is the first one to come to me for petting and attention and she will just snuggle up and go to sleep in my lap. We are going to find it very hard to part with her, she may end up joining our dog pack!

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