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Puppies have arrived!

Penelope has delivered her litter - 4 females and 6 males, what a good girl she is!

Here is the first little girl, she is less than 5 minutes old -she is going to be a beauty.

Sweet little girl!

Penelope was in labor for 25 hours and she was exhausted when it was all over (so were we).

No complications other than the long labor period, no retained puppies. Penelope started labor Wednesday morning at about 1 am and then she started delivering the puppies around 8 pm Wednesday night and was finished around 3 am on Thursday morning.

All of the new babies look excellent (no runt in the litter) all were good sized and very active and vocal which is a good thing.

The puppies are gaining weight and eating extremely well already, and none of them really need to be helped to do anything. This litter seems to be a very capable bunch when it comes to eating and then switching places to sleep.

Here she is after all is done, she is such a good mommy!

Penelope plus her ten babies!

Its is hard to believe she had all of those puppies inside of her, I am sure she is relieved.

Updates will be once a week unless we get a really awesome picture to post!

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