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Puppies are on the way!

We have good news, and we have bad news...

The bad news first. Harriet is not pregnant, we are very disappointed - but there is always next time. I think she would be pleased to know she is not having puppies if she could understand!

Now for the good news. Penelope is very pregnant and she is doing great. She is getting enormous, and she has a ravenous appetite!

As you can see below, there are two pups hanging around in their little amniotic sacs in this ultrasound. They are approximately 18 mm long at the time of this picture.

Pregnancy has not completely slowed Penelope down. She had a great time playing in the snow this evening. She was eating snow and running around and having a great time as you can see below.

The due date is approximately April 20 - everyone that has placed a deposit, please contact us to confirm that you still want a puppy from this litter.

More updates to follow soon!

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